Student Testimonials

From Mr. Maier

Part of a conversation (from what I recall) two 2nd graders had in my room approximately last month.


Student 1: Mr. Maier, do you like my new glasses?

Me:  Absolutely, they're really cool looking.  Are they helping you see better?

Student 1: Yeah, I can see the board now, and I'm getting all my questions correct.

Student 2:  Man, I need a pair of those.


From Mrs. Balay

I had a cello player switched from violin to cello and seemed to be a natural... except she was really struggling with reading music, even when I let her write in her note names.  I didn't understand why she kept stopping during the music, and I thought it was because she wasn't practicing enough.  It took me a month to realize she really couldn't see the notes clearly.  Two weeks later she received glasses from Kindersee, and it made all the difference.  Her playing improved so much that she is now playing in an advanced community string group and has made it to district orchestra as well!


From Mrs. Johnson
Kindersee has been a movement in my classroom!  I have had two students that have received glasses and countless others that were evaluated for the first time.  As a teacher, you worry about not only their academics, but their well being.  It has been such a blessing to have them right here at school!  Many of my third graders have never seen an eye doctor before this year. I am grateful for their services and their extreme kindness to the kids and the adults.


From Mrs. Dittman
Kindersee has been a boon to my students. Because of their generous donation of 2 pr. of glasses per child, three students now have glasses to wear every day. Being able to see well makes a difference in their reading, writing, spelling and even behavior! Thanks, Kindersee!



From Mrs. Ward
Five of my students have been seen by Kindersee thus far and 4 of them have received glasses.  These students have all shown improved oral reading skills on their DIBELS progress monitoring since they have been wearing their glasses.  One of my students has gone from basic in all areas to proficient or advanced and I believe that her Kindersee glasses are a big part of her success.  Having glasses that one needs truly levels the playing field for sight impaired students!!  Thank you Kindersee!!